Accident-al vacations

From Nathan Clark July 15th

A few years ago while driving back from a wedding in Tennessee, I wrecked our car. To be precise when I swerved to avoid another car, a ditch wrecked my car. In either case, it the radiator was punctured and we were suddenly stuck in Georgia without a working car.

So like any other rational people, Jenn and I decided to make a vacation out of it. We did a little research and found a great hotel in downtown Atlanta. The next morning we had a truck tow our car to Atlanta for repairs and we checked into the Glenn Hotel. While the car spent the week getting repaired we toured Centennial Park, watched whale sharks and penguins at the Georgia Aquarium and generally adventured around. We ate bison burgers, coal-fired pizza and attempted to make superior use of our four unexpected days in Georgia.

Years later that accidental vacation was of the best family vacations we’ve had. It didn’t have to be: That week could have been nothing more than an unpleasant footnote on our car’s maintenance records. Instead our mishap compelled us to pause and that space gave us the room to adventure together.

Wrong way to apply confidence

From Nathan Clark September 10th

When I was in high school I decided I could do a flip. I’d seen other people do flips before, I was fairly athletic at the time and thought I could totally, definitely do a flip. So I tried. I made it halfway and landed flat on my back.

What made that failure all the more amazing is that I had the same idea in 4th grade, except that time I was sure I could do a flip on a bike. (Thanks Rad!) That didn’t work out so well either and I walked away with a commemorative broken arm.

In both cases I had all the confidence I needed, but I screwed up the formula.

I thought it worked like this:

1. Believe you can do something
2. Try and succeed!

I was missing the second step, which it turns out is pretty important.

1. Believe you can do something
2. Learn how to do it
3. Try and either succeed or repeat step 2

That second step would’ve probably saved me a broken arm and an eventual fear of flips. Of course, there’s really no assurance I would ever have landed a flip. But applying confidence the wrong way all but guaranteed failure.

New year, new face

From Nathan Clark August 13th

With a face

With a beard

Just before my recent birthday, I shaved my face.

Fun fact #1: A beard bends light and causes certain color to shift in photos.
Fun fact #2: The first fun fact is untrue. I just buy clothes in multiples.

9 years!

From Nathan Clark July 12th |

Jenn on our wedding day

Today’s our ninth anniversary. Lucky me, lucky us!

With so much going on, we haven’t had much chance to do something for our anniversary. We did get a great 24-hour getaway in St Augustine and there’s a good chance next week we’ll get a night away. But between house hunting, marshmallow making and child rearing all of our free hours are accounted for. So a more proper getaway like we had in previous years will wait.


From Nathan Clark June 24th |

With the older wonderkids with my parents and the youngers under the watchful gaze of my mother-in-law, Jenn and I took the chance to take 24 hours in St Augustine. With no real advance planning we drove into the city to find most of the hotels and bed & breakfasts booked. We ended up staying at the Casa Monica which possesses a stunning exterior. The exterior wasn’t matched in our room which, though nice, wasn’t commensurate with the opulent facade and lobby.

We walked the streets and toured a bit of the city. A friend recommended Casa Maya for dinner. It’s good he did because it was tucked away on a side street and with a never-ending string of ‘casas’ in St Augustine, we surely wouldn’t missed it. Fortunately we didn’t. Their Mexican fare manages to be both authentic and inventive. Jenn and I both had meals featuring locally sourced fish paired with incredibly crisp salsa and fresh avocado.

We should’ve returned for breakfast, but an old New York Times feature on the city guided us to the Bunnery Bakery and Cafe. Surely something has happened since that feature ran in 2003 because based on our experience the Bunnery was remarkably pedestrian. Soggy toast, overly seasoned potatoes and a lack of atmosphere left us pining for Casa Maya again.

Our time was brief and we missed more of the sights than we saw. We only managed a few walks down the historic streets. If not for piggybacking with a tour group for a look at a historic Inn we would’ve missed that part of the experience too. Fortunately it’s only a 90 minute drive from home, so we’ll return with the kids.

Morning glory


Hotel entrance

Lady of the fort

Conquistador beard

Casa Maya

What largess and an infinite budget will buy

Agressive fences make for aggressive neighbors

Proper photo-taking posture

The Spanish have always had style

Team stripes

America's oldest needlecraft

History's heaviest scissors


Four lanes of limbs

Alien from the depths

From Nathan Clark June 18th | |

This weekend we hunted for shark teeth at Venice Beach, shark tooth capitol of the world. We found some teeth, as well as some fossils in the beach. But our best find was this tiny octopus hiding in an old conch shell. I didn’t notice him at first, but Sebastian saw a tentacle and asked what it was. (He first thought it was a starfish because of the suckers.)



Former home

Sharing the adventure



From Nathan Clark May 20th

Our friend Tamara just graduated school and celebrated a birthday in the same week. So there was a party. Our kids love parties and they love friends, so if you put the two together and add a dash of desserts they’re in heaven for those few hours.

Best seat in the house



Just hanging out

Zero gravity hair

Having a great time

Ritual face stretching

Two-way slide


Joie de vivre

From Nathan Clark April 11th

There’s always a good chance that matching outfits with your kids will land you on But it’s worth the risk when the payoff is 20 minutes of pure joy jumping and playing around with your son.

Team red

Bad to the bone


Lifted off

Thinking men

Happy Easter!

From admin April 9th |

If there was a ever a day that deserved unreserved joy, it would be Easter. It was Easter when hope was born to man from Jesus’ victory over death. So we wore our brightest pants and played and celebrated life. Happy Easter Monday!

Wonderfam, Easter edition



Team awesome

First kiss


Bashful climber


Good sport

Making him work for it

Mind control

Ducks in a row

Wrong way to sit



Share the limbs


Sometimes thing just work out

From Nathan Clark March 28th |

Accidental twins

It’s hard to go wrong with red, black and white.

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